Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arrival and Reviews

I got my Konad plates today! /happy dance

I got M3 and S10. The package arrived in a plain brown box (which, in my excitement, is now a shredded plain brown box) from Singapore. (I honestly thought this was from someone else as I have an acquaintance in Singapore.)

Everything was neatly and individually packaged- my two plates, the scraper, and the double-ended stamper. I had expected the plates to be at least an inch larger in diameter; I don't know why as larger plates would be kind of unwieldy.

Konad Plates 001

Of course I would get all this the day after I took off a particularly staining coat of OPI's Russian Navy Matte (which was after I took off Wet N Wild's Fast Dry Teal of Fortune) so my fingertips and nail beds look rather corpse-like at the moment. I did a couple of tests, and there is a technique for rolling the stamper onto your nails so that the design doesn't looks smooshed. I've found that the metallics/glitters/etc don't stamp well (the effects get lost in translation, so to speak) and that some of the images are just too small to see unless you're staring right at it. I'm sure my short short nails don't help, either.

I had purchased the Kiss Nail Artist Paint and Stencil Kit kind of on a whim, hoping that the stencils inside would hold me over until my Konad plates arrived. I tried two stencils right away- a butterfly and stars, and tried freehanding some stripes:

Kiss Nail Art 002

What a disappointment. The "stencils" are actually little stickers, and they rip when you take them off. Some of the images themselves are a little too detailed for such small designs- as you can see my butterfly looks more like Antarctica. The "paint" can be tricky to work with; the brush is long and very tapered, the formula is thin (yet opaque) and runny. A complete waste of money.


Ada said...

Oh no, that's really disappointing :(

By the way, I'm having a giveaway for a free full-size Urban Decay eyeliner pencil on blog:

Feel free it check it out :3

Cheryl said...

Thanks for your comment! I was really disappointed in the nail stencils, too.

I saw your icon- are you in the lolita comms at Live Journal?